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Awaken Your 

Animal Essence

3 Month Journey back to yourself, your magic and better 

relationship with EVERYTHING.

The Animals on the Planet Have it...

And so do you.

It just needs to be awakened...

Awaken- To Rouse From Sleep

Animal- Relating to a Characteristic of Animals

Essence- The Intrinsic Nature or Quality of Something

Life is meant to be magical.

Your Energy IS that magic. 

Animals read your energy the SECOND you are near. What kind of Energy do you support?

"Share your essence as a Radiant Spectacular being of LOVE and ignite the same in others" - SharifahNor

Do you Desire Deeper Intuitive Knowing?

Are You yearning for New Ways of Being?

Do You long for Deeper Understanding between Yourself and the Animals or People you work with?

Have Habits that you Would Love to Shift?

"Listen to the Inner Light; it will guide you. Listen to the Inner Peace; it will Feed you. Listen to the Inner Love; it will Transform you."

-Sri Chinmoy

Feel Like you are Finally Ready to do the work to make the Big shifts you want for a more inspired life?

Do you aspire to bigger things and feel like there is Something Holding you Back?

Love Animals and Want to Be your Best Self to Better Communicate with them?

Have you Been Calling in Deeper Relationships with sisters who understand and support each other?


I am only accepting 7 women to keep the Group Intimate

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You will Receive

12 Live calls with the group 

Starting TBD continuing every Thursday at 5:30pm EST

Awakening Your Animal Essence Meditation Bundle for you to Download and Listen too

A New Ritual and/or Habit to incorporate into your life Every Week

3 1:1 Mentorship calls with Shannon To help with your particular Animal or Life Concerns

Talk about Nutrition and Implement Changes in your Life that you can Stick to

Whats-app Group to contact Shannon and share about life with the Group

Support in Community

And More!

Time  Commitment

1- 90 minute Zoom call 1 time per week on Thursday at 5:30pm EST

So Excited to Embark on 

this Journey with You!

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