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About Shannon

So glad you are here! Let me introduce myself, I'm Shannon and these are my trusted side kicks (and teachers) Safari (my horse) and Summer (my dog). I have worked with animals since I started riding at five and have never lost the passion for them. From working with horses starting at nine, to going to college for natural horsemanship, being a vet tech and most recently being certified as an equine body worker, I have done it all. I also was completely overwhelmed burnt out and DONE with the over masculine driving of the horse industry. In my quest for sanity over the last eight years I got certified in yoga, did a 7 day spiritual water fast in an ashram in Texas and started working with a water priestess who taught me the divine feminine arts. 

Little did I know that my divine feminine awakening would open up a world of magic I never DREAMED of. I became obsessed with the rituals and practices I learned and it would be my HONOR to pass those on to you. 

Awakening my animal essence has been a practice of self love, growing my intuition, regaining my confidence and has transformed ALL areas of my life. My 2 kids respond better to me, my relationship with my husband is strong and the animals I work with LOVE my new ignited "animal essence".

Your energy dictates your reality, and the lens you see the world through is what you will create.

YOU are important and YOU are magical. 

I would LOVE to be the person who reminds you.

With Love and gratitude.


Allow me to remind you