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If it Ain't Broke, I'll Fix it.

Equine Bodywork and Rehabilitation

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It's not just about the bodywork!

Shannon doesn't just make your horse feel great through bodywork sessions. She offers correct lunging and other ground work to improve your horses posture and get them using their body in a beneficial way. This helps them stay happy and sound long term. With training in Equine Biomechanics Shannon can encourage your horse to use themselves in the most beneficial way from the ground to improve their movement and make them more balanced and fluid under saddle.

Does your horse need Bodywork?

Does your horse...

Pin his/her ears and bite when saddled?

Work 3 days a week or more?

Work with a trainer who is challenging them physically and mentally?

Not use them selves correctly or seem "off"?

Take shorter strides and act as if they don't want to work?

Refuse jumps and/or rush through work?

Act cranky doing exercises that they did before with no problem?

Have or is recovering from an injury where they are on stall rest?

Buck or Rear?

Then your horse may be extremely tight and painful! 


From Bucking to Buddy

I was called to work with this horse because he was bucking people off left and right. After 3 sessions the owner said "I don't know what you are doing with him, but please keep coming. He has never been so calm." Since checking his saddle fit, building top line, regular massages and teaching basic relaxation techniques he has become a new horse. The owner actually gave him to me and now he is my personal horse and occasionally helps me give lessons.

Released Shoulders and Neck

This horse carries a lot of tension in his neck and shoulders. He is an anxious horse who has benefitted not only physically from massage but also mentally. He is now more calm and relaxed. He has an easier time relaxing during massages and during training.

Help during recovery

This horse had bone chips surgically removed from his fetlock. Being on stall rest and weaving have created some seriously tight shoulders. You can see here that some of the tension lines have been helped (this is after one massage). He is getting more loose with every massage and is currently doing 2 massages a month until his stall rest is over. 

Tight back and hinds

This horse had some VERY serious and painful tightness in his back and hinds (to the point where the vet actually checked him for kissing spine, which he did not have.) You can see the tight "ball" of muscle on top of his hinds and how it is released in the after picture.

What our customers are saying

I don't know what on earth you did but you are a horse magician. He has been SO good since you worked with him. He just gets it now.


"The Chiropractor was out a couple of weeks ago and was very impressed with Jade's SI which she thought would NEVER improve!!"


"Thank you SOOO much!!! He has felt AMAZING. We are SO lucky fore you and your magic, thanks for spoiling us! It is clearly making SUCH a difference!"


“Thank you for helping my guy go around so confidently! He was amazing today and finished 4th at his first training and was also the best placed OTTB in all the training levels! He would not be going as well or feel as good without all your amazing bodywork and keeping him supple and relaxed!! You are amazing and we love you ❤️❤️”


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